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What is an Energy Performace Certificate (EPC)

An Energy Performance Certificate provides an assessment of the official energy rating of a property having regard to standards established by legislation. It is in a specified format and includes a graph summarising the position in respect of a building in the same way as ratings are given for electrical items such as fridges and washing machines.

Energy Performance Ratings - The Law

Under the legislation properties are rated on a scale of A-G with A being the most efficient. A rating of G is the poorest rating assessing the property as energy inefficient with probable wastage on fuel bills but the potential to improve efficiency and make significant savings.

What is an Energy Performance Certificate?

What Does It Cost?

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EPC – Essential Energy Information for Home Buyers

The report within the Certificate goes into fine detail in respect of such matters as lighting, heating, insulation and hot water. All of these matters are taken into account in calculating the ratings which in turn should provide useful information for the property owner.

Very few properties will achieve an A rating as most buildings in this country were built at a time when energy efficiency was not a major consideration in construction. Before the Legislation was introduced it was believed that most properties would have a D rating.

EPC –Promoting Improvements Home in Energy Efficiency

As an EPC will identify energy inefficiencies the Government believes that this will provide home owners and buyers will essential information, The report includes guidance on how this can be achieved and the graph within the EPC gives a projected score. These recommendations are split into levels according to cost of implementation. The RDSAP is based on certain assumptions such as how many people live in the property, it estimates how energy use is likely to be consumed based on standard heating patterns rather than actual.
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